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00:00 Opening
00:18 Announcement: BTC dump. Do we keep discarding? Or pumping?
01:12 Announcement: OCC news about stablecoins. Regulatory war
02:30 Welcome shoutout to the respectable chat
03:39 Wisdom 1: Dancing when BTC hits 100K (@DemoPower).
04:38 Webinar Shoutout.
05:19 Wisdom 2: Jack Ma has actually been missing.
06:06 Wisdom 3: FED approved to indirect custody to bitcoins.
07:50 Coingecko market overview.
09:13 BTC Dominance chart daily: Bearish on the BSI given that the other day.
10:09 BTC daily chart: Still bullish on the BSI. Invite to the bull market.
12:52 BTC 1h chart: how low or high can we go? (25.4 K approx, 37K approx).
13:58 BTC daily chart: BSI is the most crucial indication to use.
15:26 ETH daily chart: we pumped we disposed. 20% discount rate, Bullish!
17:09 BTC day-to-day chart: Summary. If we close listed below 29.4 K we are bearish. Otherwise bullish.
17:45 ByBit shoutout.
18:14 Wisdom: pattern if your buddy.
18:30 On Chain information: NUPL. We are going to ecstasy quickly.
19:26 ON Chain data: Percent Entities in revenue 98.3%.
21:00 A couple of bearish arguments.
21:32 OCC news. Loaded with obfuscations. Crypto heavily in the regulative landscape.
24:50 Jack Dorsey warns that FinCen guidelines will drive crypto users offshore.
27:00 We require more billionaires so crypto is ingrained deeply into society.
28:48 Price is the most important aspect of Bitcoin. We need to go to trillions.
31:13 Russias Central Bank attempts to stem the tide of rubles leaving checking account. Rubles are trash!
35:27 Alt coins forest.
35:28 Offshift news.
36:58 PAID Network.
37:17 Q&A start. How does the chat feel about the existing scenario? You have actually to be degen.
38:46 Ivan goes Classic. Is it far too late to invest in Bitcoin? 2017 was Fundamentals, no TA then.
41:10 August 7th 2017. A trip down memory lane in Bitcoin. It is like are at 3K once again.
43:10 Q1: ETH predictions? 1.5 K quickly.
46:46 Tom Emmer tweet: Banker news. It is everything about ETH. Not about Bitcoin. ETH is settlement layer.
49:15 DeFi Pulse overview. Different ways BTC are utilized in DeFi. ETH is superior in DeFi.
51:20 Liquid network is centralized and need to not be called Bitcoin technology.
52:02 Q2: What is less dangerous coin to purchase ETH or Bitcoin?
52:17 Q3: Will the gasfee go high when ETH go to 50?
52:29 Q4: Will the fall of Tether be the start of the bear market?
55:15 Any day you need to be mentally ready for black swan events (40-60% discards).
57:09 Q5: Have you seen Royal?
58:17 Q6: What will occur with the stimulate airdrop?
58:26 Q7: YFDAI and DuckDao partners?
58:51 Q8: Can Polkadot challenge ETH?
59:10 Q9: BSI on various timeframes reveal different signals?
01:00:43 Q10: xDai dead or still making honey?
01:01:44 Q11: Can you describe POLS moneying and how to utilize it?
01:02:08 Q12: What to do with privacy coins?
01:03:27 What will be the better entertainers. Insurance coins or Oracles?
01:04:00 Closing thought: Other new blockchains are not as intriguing as brand-new apps develop on leading the existing one.

DISCLAIMER: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, and 80% of traders do not generate income. Make sure that you comprehend these threats if you are a newbie. I only recommend crypto trading to currently experienced traders!

** Disclaimer **.
Please be recommended that I own a varied portfolio of cryptocurrency as I want to stay neutral and transparent to the cryptocurrency neighborhood at all times, and for that reason, the content of my media are planned FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES not financial suggestions. The material of this video is exclusively the viewpoints of the speaker who is not a certified financial advisor or signed up financial investment advisor. Acquiring cryptocurrencies poses considerable threat of loss.

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist.

Great Morning Crypto.


17:09 BTC day-to-day chart: Summary. Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin? A journey down memory lane in Bitcoin. Not about Bitcoin. DISCLAIMER: Trading Bitcoin is VERY dangerous, and 80% of traders do not make cash.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together