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00:00 Opening
00:15 Announcement: Whales are taking your BTC
00:20 NUPL chart for whales in Bitcoin
01:20 Wisdom 1: The Water cycle likewise works for crypto. Beware of FUD and whales
03:30 Welcome to the chat
04:59 Glassnode addresses with 1K BTC or more: Do not give your BTC to whales
05:39 Wisdom 2: The initial step of any job is grossly underestimate complexity and difficulty
06:28 Employment workplace: Design fanatic overall required
07:48 Webinar shoutout “My Secret Strategy to Crush the marketplace”
08:17 Coingecko market introduction
09:03 ETH chart. ETH is leading the marketplace now
09:50 Coingecko market overview. Forecast DeFi coins will be in the top 10/20
12:14 SOPR glassnode chart: (Spent Output Profit Ratio).
13:28 LTH-SOPR glassnode chart Long Term Hodler SOPR. It pays off to HODL!
14:15 STH-SOPR glassnode chart Short Term Hodler SOPR. Brief termers are getting rekt!
15:38 Whales guarantee that not everybody is part of the journey. Do not trust the FUD.
16:54 Difference between FUD and Risk Management. When it is 100% false, fud is.
17:44 BTC everyday chart. Short-term we could break down to 20K or up to 45-40K.
18:40 Michael Saylor is accumulating. He does not appreciate short-term breakdown.
19:31 LTH-SOPR. To be long term hodler you require strong conviction.
20:00 BTC daily chart. Bearish pattern. We are in a bull run. We require to break 39K.
21:47 ETH daily chart. ETH wants to go to ATH. It will not be easy though to break.
23:12 ETH is the structure of financing.
23:30 BTC Dominance month-to-month chart. When BTC drops to 30-40% then start taking profits in alts.
24:32 ALTS will not outshine BTC in the long run. They will during the bullrun.
25:41 In 2017 ALTS lose very quickly. You increase the stairs, but you fall in cliff dive.
27:14 Great ALTs return. ETH day-to-day chart in 2017.
28:40 Journey of XRP during 2017. It fell really rapidly during 2017. 82% down in a month.
29:19 Journey of ADA during 2017. It fell extremely quickly during 2017. 90% down in a couple of months.
30:49 Journey of XVG during 2017. It fell really quickly during 2017. 98% down in a year 99.5% overall loss.
32:09 Fundamentals do not matter when the crypto buzz passes away. Whatever decreases including BTC (86%).
33:05 ByBit shoutout.
34:00 ETH daily chart to reveal recovery of ETH.
34:45 ETHBTC day-to-day chart. ETH is returning. Always determine in BTC SATS-value.
37:00 ALT coins forrest.
37:00 Insured Finance (INFI) chart. They have concentrate on security.
39:16 1inch (1INCH) chart. It will do extremely well. Possible top 20.
40:51 Morpheus Network (MRPH) chart. The Coca-Cola report seems to be real.
43:13 Bondly Chart. They require a good pump. They are still sleeping a bit.
44:18 Chainlink (LINK) chart. Why was LINK sleeping? Time to pack up the bag.
44:57 Binance Coin (BNB). Is still sleeping a bit.
45:35 Webinar shoutout “My Secret Strategy to Crush the market”.
45:55 Blockbuster before Q&A.
46:38 Q&A start.
46:44 Employment workplace: Design fanatic all round needed. Does not mean you are not excellent at anything.
47:41 Q1: How can you get in presales?
47:52 Q2: 88MPH good? Lets hope it is not a buzz like UniSwap.
49:28 Q3: Your ideas on Mainframe (MFT)?
51:17 Q4: Where can I buy SPI? On UniSwap!
51:52 Q5: Are you in CIF chain?
52:10 Q6: Are you in LTC?
52:30 Q7: Check glasnode ETH Net transfer Volume from/to exchanges?
55:00 Glassnode chart Liquidity for UniSwap in ETH, LINK and Utrust (Glassnode not updated for UTrust).
56:59 Glassnode chart Liqudity BAT.
57:08 Glassnode chart Liquidity for UniSwap in Matic.
57:26 Glassnode chart Liquidity for UniSwap in Maker.
57:45 USDT chart. Where is the printer??

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Please be advised that I own a varied portfolio of cryptocurrency as I want to remain unbiased and transparent to the cryptocurrency community at all times, and therefore, the material of my media are planned FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES not monetary recommendations. The details contained herein is for educational functions only. The material of this video is exclusively the opinions of the speaker who is not a certified financial consultant or registered investment advisor.

Good Morning Crypto.

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist.

20:00 BTC day-to-day chart. 21:47 ETH daily chart. 34:45 ETHBTC day-to-day chart. 39:16 1inch (1INCH) chart. 44:18 Chainlink (LINK) chart.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together